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My latest adventure was travelling to Norway’s Arctic city of Tromso to attend the Arctic Frontiers conference. See my article in Popular Science on the technical and human health implications of a thawing Arctic. 

I'll moderate a plenary session at the Net Zero Cities conference in Fort Collins, Colo., on Oct. 24. It's titled "University Cities Leading the Way." We'll discuss how cities are trying to become more sustainable, including how they're both combating and adapting to climate change.

I'm currently living in Boulder, Colorado, juggling freelance writing and co-hosting "How On Earth," the KGNU science show.  I am also available for editing projects, teaching journalism, and teaching media (and public) communication skills to budding (and existing) scientists.

I also blog periodically for, the website for The Science Writers' Handbook (Da Capo, 2013). I am a proud member of Scilance, a community of 35 science writers who contributed to the book.  

Read my series of articles on the science and implications of a warming Arctic, for Popular Science magazine's website. 

Read my Antarctica blog, about my one-month Marine Biological Laboratory science journalism fellowship, which brought me to the Western Antarctica Peninsula's Palmer Research Station November-December 2010. I also wrote about Palmer experiences for OnEarth magazine's website ( Get to know some of the Palmer scientists by tuning in to my interviews on KGNU radio's "How On Earth" science show. Click on the "radio" tab on my website for the edited audio files. And you can find more photos by clicking on the "photo gallery" tab. Click here for the blog.

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